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Time-use, Well-being and Unemployment
Thi Truong An Hoang
While studies of global life evaluation mainly reaffirm the undesirable impacts of unemployment on subjective well-being, there are only few studies examining its impact on daily emotional experiences. In this project, we attempt to examine the impact of unemployment on different aspects of subjective well-being, particularly the emotional well-being experienced on a day-to-day basis and the channels through which unemployment influences these experiences, using micro data from the UK (UK Time-Use Survey) and the US (American Time-Use Survey). A previous study by Knabe et al. (2010) showed that unemployment is negatively linked to how individuals assess their general life and the level of pleasure they attain while doing an activity, but hardly has an effect on the emotional balance over the course of the day. The conflicting finding was obtained by Krueger and Mueller (2012) who reported that jobless people felt significantly sadder than employed people both in participation of specific activities and on an average of the day.

Building on these previous studies, we will extent this line of research in several dimensions. We take into account the differentiation of time-use and well-being by gender, by days of the weeks and by social contact possibilities. Furthermore, we will provide attempts to identify the origin and magnitude of saddening effect by examining the relationship between social contacts and time composition.


daily affective well-being, emotional well-being, employment status, life satisfaction, time-use


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