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SFB854 - Multimodal Imaging Platform
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
The Multimodal Imaging Platform project Z01 supports all members of CRC854 by providing state of the art microscope techniques and service for intravital imaging, fluorescence lifetime imaging, confocal-, light-sheet and high resolution fluorescence (i.e. STED) microscopy, electron microscopy, and multi-epitope ligand cartography (MELC). This enables the projects of CRC854 to study immune cell dynamics in complex in vivo microenvironments, to dissect molecular signaling processes in life cells and to delineate complex molecular interactions and phenotypes with high spatial resolution. In particular, Z01 collaborates in the implementation of biosensors for T cell signaling in intravital imaging application, further develop high resolution approaches for multiparameter microscopy, and implement correlative light- and electron microscopy (CLEM). The researchers and PhD students of CRC854 will be supported and trained in all advanced microscopy techniques required for their respective projects. Also, Z01 will collaborate with the Combinatorial NeuroImaging Core facility (CNI) at LIN, which provides access to human (e.g. MRI, MEG), animal (e.g. MRI, SPECT) and (sub)cellular imaging techniques, and will assist in establishing imaging approaches for the CRC854 projects and in developing quantitative imaging data analysis strategies. Finally, Z01 will use the 3rd funding period to strengthen and standardize all frequently used workflows and procedures that were developed in the course of collaborations within CRC854. This will be done in collaboration with the professional project management of CNI that will help to consolidate the platform structures developed within CRC854 and will ensure the availability of all established techniques during and beyond the 3rd funding period.

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