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SFB854 TP10 Inside-out/Outside-in signaling of integrins in the immunological and the neuronal synapse
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
Integrin-mediated signaling processes are essential for the formation and functionality of both, immunological and neuronal synapses. In this project, we are focusing on the relationship between the novel serine/threonine kinase Ndr2 (nuclear Dbf2 2) and adapter protein complexes in immune cells that are important for integrin-dependent signaling pathways and T cell activation. Moreover, to determine the principles of these integrin-mediated signaling processes we investigate the function of adapter proteins and their interplay with Ndr2 at the neuronal synapse.


Integrin, Ndr2 and immunological or neuronal synapse, adapter proteins

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