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SciVis - Making Science Visible (ERASMUS+)
SciVis - Making Science Visible (ERASMUS+)
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The visibility of the work of (natural) scientists and engineers is one of the requirements of the new EU-Framework, as mentioned in the RRI paper (Responsible Research and Innovation, by EU commission). Often this visibility is made in a one-way-construction via flyers, advertising videos, exhibitions, invitation to open days etc..

An independent, responsible citizen needs a basic knowledge and all relevant information to fully participating in our society and to engaging themselves into decision processes. As long as information on science and technology is limited to the "specialists", the participation of citizens is reduced to that space the specialists allow the public to join in.
This problem will be addressed in our project by introducing interactive information tools, because from our experiences as researchers those methods would be more effective. Interactive means to enable any visitor to ask his or her own question or to proceed the information given in his or her own speed or his or her individual connection to knowledge already existing. This enables an individualized learning process and gaining knowledge in an own, self-directed way helps also to foster emancipation. So there is no longer a feeling, that experts mentioned above are alone responsible to help our society out of scientific or technological problems.


RRI, STEM, Science Teaching

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