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Roots of geometric polynomials

Maria A. Hernandez Cifre
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Together with Prof. Dr. Maria A. Hernandez Cifre with study the properties of the roots of two classical geometric polynomials, the Steiner and the Ehrhart polynomial. Prof. Hernandez Cifre spent the first year at the University of Magdeburg supported by a Spanish National Grant in the programm ""Salvador De Madariaga".We continue our investigations within the scope of the reseacrh project Reference: MTM2007-64504Title: Geometría diferencial y convexa: Problemas variacionales y de optimización Convex and Differential Geometry: Optimization and Variational Problems).Institution: Universidad de MurciaMain researcher: Luis J. Alías LinaresThis is a joint project with the instiute of topolygy and geometry of the universiad murcia.


Ehrhart polynomial, Steiner polynomial


Prof. Dr. Martin Henk

Prof. Dr. Martin Henk

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