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Die Rolle des Polaritätsregulators Llgl1 in hämatopoetischen Stamm- und Progenitorzellen

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A key characteristic of hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) is the ability to self-renew. Several genes and signaling pathways control the fine balance between self-renewal and differentiation in HSC and potentially also in leukemic stem cells (LSC). Cell fate determinants, such as RNA-binding proteins or polarity regulators have been recently described as effectors in stem cell biology. RNAinterference led to enhanced (Prox1) or decreased (Pard6a, Prkcz, Msi2) repopulation potential in vivo. We investigate different pathways and cell fate determinants involved in self-renewal capacity in vivo using gene-specific knockout mouse models.


signaling pathways, stem cell


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