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The role of neuron-glia communication during synaptogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster: Cell-specific proteome dynamics using transgenic cell-select click chemistry
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The emerging concept of the Tripartite synapse points to the importance of glia cells for neuronal function and development. Although it is well established that astrocytes are important for the formation and maintenance of synaptic contacts, sense neuronal activity and actively participate in homeostatic scaling, it is unclear if the astroglial proteome is as dynamic as the neuronal. In this project we aim to decipher the communication of neurons with astrocytes at the synaptic level in Drosophila larvae and adult flies using cell-selective labeling of newly synthesized priteins via click chemistry. In more detail we ask the following questions: Do characteristic signature proteomes for different stages during development of the neuromascular junction exist in neurons, in muscle cells and also in glia cells? Where in the cell are these proteins synthesized only in the cell somata or also locally in cellular processes? Do glial cells react as dynamic as neurons to changes in the neuronal activity pattern?


Drosophila melanogaster, Neuron-Glia Kommunikation

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