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Piezo-actuated Metal Cutting Mechanical Systems: Controller Design, Virtual Implementation and Experimental Evaluation
Zhi Li
Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung ;
Piezo-actuated Metal Cutting Mechanical Systems: Controller Design, Virtual Implementation and Experimental Evaluation
An actively controled CNC machine (see: W. H. Zhu et al., International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 41(7), 953-965, 2001)
In recent years, as a result of rapid development in the fields of aerospace, optics, telecommunication, etc., demands for ultraprecision machining technologies have been ever-increasing. By conducting a delicate structural design, e.g. perfect isolation of vibration, independent metrology frame, the ultraprecision machining can be achieved. However, these delicate designs are quite costly and they normally require high standard operating environment, e.g. temperature controlled, stable rooms with clean air filtration. A more practical solution to achieve ultraprecision machining is to integrate the piezo actuator in the machining tools and meanwhile resort to the advanced control theory.

The research project aims to develope a methodology for the control design taking into account the hysteresis effects and the self-excited chatter vibrations, which leave oscillation marks on the workpiece surface. In addition, the chatter vibrations bring time delay effect and time varying dynamics to the machining systems. It is well-known that when a closed loop system involves time delays effects, the system performance degrades seriously. In the literature, few works have been published to deal with both hysteresis and time delays effect. But the published methods are somehow complex for practical implementation. Simple and reliable control strategies are required.
The objective of the research project is to realize a technology to achieve ultraprecision positioning control using a piezo actuator based fast tool servo (FTS) modular. The developed modeling and control methodology will be verified both in virtual environment and physical experimental tests.


chatter control, piezo actuators, ultraprecision machining, vibration control

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