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Nichtinterventionelle Unbedenklichkeitsstudie (PASS) mit Orfadin
Non-interventional study that will look at the long-term safety of Orfadin treatment in patients suffering from hereditary tyrosinemia type 1. Orfadin will be used according to normal practice . There is an ongoing post-marketing surveillance (PMS) program to monitor hepatic, renal, hematological, neurological and ophthalmic status in all patients treated with Orfadin. The Committee for medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has required this program and have looked at the data for approximately 400 patients and found the benefit-risk ratio to be positive. The present study (PASS) will replace the ongoing PMS. The transition of countries will be gradual; starting in 2013.The study will include HT-1 patients on Orfadin treatment in standard clinical care as well as newly diagnosed patients just starting with Orfadin treatment.

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