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Innovative Imaging Techniques for Neurosurgical Guidance
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Innovative Imaging Techniques for Neurosurgical Guidance
OCT imaging depends on the detection of back scattered near infrared light and is therefore harmless to biological tissue. Its physical properties allow for microscope integration. This leads to the possibility of contact free three-dimensional, real-time scanning of tissue in the field of view of the surgeon. Penetrating depth depends on optical tissue densities. With approximately 4000 µm in the human cerebral cortex it meets microsurgical requirements.

In particular OCT offers an unprecedented axial spatial resolution ranging from 1 - 15 µm -approaching the resolution of conventional histopathology. In vitro recent optical and image processing advancements like automatic serial sectioning of polarization sensitive OCT (asPSOCT) and speckle modulation further increased image quality to display cerebral cortical layers at single cell width.

A part from structural imaging adaptations of perfusion-dependent OCT offer the possibility of parallel functional brain mapping. Due to the capability of performing "optic biopsies” systems which combine catheter integrated OCT and laser ablation might demonstrate minimal invasive and precise theranostic instruments.

These versatile strengths shed light on future perspectives. Our team validates intraoperative use of microscope integrated OCT for progression of neurosurgical guidance.

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