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Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences: New Postgraduate Programs (IEMS)
Prof. Prof. Kühnle, Dipl.-Ing. Ronald Rosendahl, MSc Yahia Zarour, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Falko Bendik, Dr. Dr. Bergmann, D. Herrmann, Studenten
EU - Sonstige ;
Development of Master of engineering degrees in four concentrations, each of which will be adopted by one of the four PC universities. The target concentrations are: 1.Operations management, 2. Logistics and supply chain management, 3.Quality control, and 4.Human factor engineering. Designing the target programs curriculum promoting Bologna process and according to ECTS. Establishing and equipping industrial engineering labs for different specializations at PC universities serving master and training programs as well as graduation projects' case studies. Qualifying a caliber of teaching staff capable of delivering and implementing target program courses. Establishing communication and cooperation channel between universities and industry to help designing and continuous enhancement for the program courses to cope with common problems and modern trends.


Master of engineering

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