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Hydrogeological and hydrochemical modelling of density-driven flow in the Tiberias Basin, in particular between Ha'on and Tiberias Regions, Jordan Valleys, Jordan Valley
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
- DFG funded interdisciplinary project involving numerical modeling of deep groundwater flow, structural modeling and hydrochemistry (field campaigns and lab)
- Study area: the Tiberias Basin in the Jordan Valley (Israel/Jordan), a very arid region hosting the Lake Tiberias, the most important freshwater resource of the Middle East
- The project will help understanding the salinization processes that threaten the freshwater aquifers and lake, improve the hydrochemical database in relation to water quality, and provide an example of large-scale brine flow
- The project will contribute to support the DFG program for a peaceful development in the Middle East.