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Hybrid Control Systems
J. Raisch, V. Azhmyakov
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
Hybrid control systems consist of continuous and discrete-event com-ponents. Although such systems are ubiquitous in engineering (and elsewhere), a generally feasible solution method does not yet exist. We follow an approach that is based on safe discrete approximations of continuous components [1]. This approach translates the overall hy-brid problem into a purely discrete one, which can subsequently be solved using established methods from discrete-event systems theory. Our current research focuses on ways to handle intrinsic complexity problems by, e.g., imposing a hierarchical control structure [2] or by employing specification dependent abstraction refinement [3]. Another focus is the combination of abstraction-based supervisory control and optimal switching based on continuous measurement information [4, 5,


control, hybrid

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