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Human Rights Meet Legislation – Cross-Cultural Political and Legal Perspectives. With Case Studies on the Death Penalty and Immigration Policies
Miao-ling Lin Hasenkamp
Human Rights Meet Legislation” explores how human rights as international norms have been addressed in different legal cultures, legislation and implementation practices at domestic level that reflect an ongoing development of identity politics and constitutional incorporation of conceptions of law and social values in a given context. Supported by a multi-disciplinary theoretical framework (philosophy, political and legal sciences, sociology, anthropology and socio-psychology), this book adopts the methods of genealogy and levels of analysis and examines the death penalty issue in China and the United States as well as immigration policies in Germany and Great Britain. To students and academics of legal and social sciences and practitioners (policy-makers, NGOs communities and interested audience), it provides much needed knowledge for understanding the ambivalent intersections between global and local norms and for developing appropriate approaches and strategies that are theoretically informed and sensitive to diverse domestic contexts.




Cultural Practice, Institutional Constraints, International Human RIghts, Intersectionality, Law as Culture
Dr. Miao-ling Lin Hasenkamp

Dr. Miao-ling Lin Hasenkamp

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