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Graduiertenkolleg Mikro-Makro-Wechselwirkungen instrukturierten Medien und Partikelsystemen
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
Many materials or media in nature and technology possess a microstructure, which determines their macro behaviour.
 Despite of possible difficulties to describe the morphology of this structure, the knowledge of the relevant mechanisms is often more comprehensive on the micro than on the macro scale.
On the other hand, not all information on the micro level is relevant for the understanding of the macro behaviour.
Therefore, averaging and homogenization methods are needed to select only the specific information from the micro scale, which influences the macro scale. These methods would also open the possibility to design or to influence microstructures with the objective to optimize their macro behaviour.
Study and development of new methods in this interdisciplinary field of actual research will be under the supervision of professors from different engineering branches, applied mathematics, theoretical, and computational physics.