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A flexible structured lot sizing heuristic for a static remanufacturing system
T. Schulz, G. Voigt
An effective planning of lot sizes is a key strategy to efficiently manage a combined manufacturing/remanufacturing system in the presence of substantial setup costs. Due to its complex interdependencies, optimal policies and solutions have not been identified so far. In turn, several heuristic approaches have been analyzed in recent contributions. The main heuristic shortcuts are enforcing equally sized lot sizes over the planning horizon as well as imposing a specific cycle structure, i.e., a sequence of manufacturing batches is followed by a sequence of remanufacturing batches. To this end we are proposing a flexible structured heuristic that does not impose any restrictions on the sequence of (re)manufacturing batches and allows for differently sized remanufacturing batches. We show in a comprehensive numerical study that our approach outperforms other existing approaches in more than half of all instances by up to 17%. However, our numerical study also reveals managerial insights under which circumstances (i.e., only 1.74% of all instances) other heuristic approaches dominate our flexible structured heuristic.


lot sizing heuristic, remanufacturing

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