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Evaluierung der Proxel-Simulation
Sanja Lazarova-Molnar
The aim of this project is to explore the behaviour of the proxel-based simulation method. The approach analyses discrete stochastic models in a deterministic manner, avoiding the typical problems of discrete-event simulation and partial differential equations. The proxel-based simulation was shown to be very useful in analysing some classes of reliability models and fault-trees. It was especially superior to the discrete-event approach, applied on the same models because of the fact that the proxel-based method is less sensitive to the stiffness of the models. The ultimate goal of this work is to formally and completely define this new method, and study its behaviour under different circumstances, as well as prove that it can be superior to some of the traditional methods for certain classes of problems, which are to be distinguished.


Diskrete Systeme, Proxel, Simulation

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