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Digital Plato: Tradition and Reception
M.Sc. Marcus Pöckelmann, Dr. Jörg Ritter
Volkswagen Stiftung ;
Digital Plato: Tradition and Reception
The reception of Plato's work in ancient times is characterized by a tremendous diversity and has not nearly been researched enough. The goal of the project is to remedy these deficiencies caused by the abundant material as well as by methodical and methodological problems.

As far as content is concerned, the project aims to reveal the aftermath and reception of Plato's work in ancient Greek literature including the late ancient authors. For this purpose, we will compile testimonies, citations and paraphrases in the form of a digital thesaurus. The outcome of the project will be the first and complete presentation of philosophy in the aftermath of Plato and his reception in Greek literature up to the late antiquity on the onde hand. On the other hand, resulting from the specific interdisciplinarity of our approach, we shall develop a new approach access to cultural basic terms like "citation" and "paraphrase".



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