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Detektion von Jasmonaten
Kati Mielke
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
Jasmonic acid (JA) and its derivatives collectively known as jasmonates  belong to a family of lipid-derived signaling molecules that affects  many aspects of plant life, including defense against pathogens and  symbiontic interactions with mycorrhizal fungi. Most functions of  jasmonates have been identified through analysis of mutants that are  JA-insensitive or affected in the biosynthesis of JA. However, to date,  there is no technique available which allows direct detection of JA in  a tissue- and cell-specific manner. To broaden our knowledge on the  mechanism of JA biosynthesis and perception in response to pathogens  and symbionts, a detection system for JA at cell and tissue specific  level will be developed by using two different, but complementing  approaches: (i) the immunological detection of JA in situ and (ii) the  construction of a synthetic promoter.


Jasmonsäure, Mykorrhiza, Zellbiologie

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