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Design Research Incubator
Prof. Dr. Michael Hohl, Dr. Judith Dobler, Dr. Hans-Joachim Krokoszinski
A Transcultural Design Research Incubator – has a twofold objective: Firstly, we consider it a first step of establishing a design research incubator, at first between the German University in Cairo and Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau, which are both predestined for such an undertaking: the GUC with one of the largest design programs in the MENA region and on the African continent, and Anhalt University with a history of different international master programs in design and its recent establishment of the research centre ‘Architecture and Design Doctoral Studies’. Anticipated are coUsupervisions of master and in the future PhD students. Secondly, at the university level this proposal aims to support individual design research students in pursuing their master projects by supporting them in developing advanced and rigorous design research methodologies. Their respective topics and research quality form the design research profile at the GUC and at Anhalt University. 

Both objectives in the long run are important to foster a culture and an ecosystem for design research and the advancement of its specific methodologies. This requires both, fostering design research at institutional and at individual (student and faculty member) level, because students leave after they graduate but maintaining the institutional research culture is vital for advancing the field of design research for universities, labs and individual researchers at all levels.

Ansprechersonen: Prof. Dr. Michael Hohl, Dr. Judith Dobler
Projektlaufzeit: 01.06.2023 - 31.12.2023
Fördermittelgeber: BMBF
Projektträger: DAAD
Kooperationspartner: Prof.in Gwendolyn Kulick, German University Cairo (GUC)

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