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Ballistische Leitfähigkeit von suspendierten Nanodrähten: Eine ab-inito-Beschreibung

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) ;
The main goal of the proposal is to understand the experimentally obtained high magne-toresistance ratio of several hundred percent in ferromagnetic wires and contacts. For this purpose suspended ferromagnetic wires and nanocontacts are investigated under the condition of noncollinear magnetic order in the wire. The calculations are based on density functional theory. Using a Greens function method we are able to describe the nanowire suspended between two semi-infinite leads taking into account structural relaxation. Relaxation of the magnetic moments will enable us to determine the magnetic ground state. Relativistic generalization of the scheme will allow to study the influence of the magnetic anisotropy. The transport calculations are performed in the ballistic limit based on Landauer theory. Particularly at low temperatures we will develop a theoretical concept based on the renormalization and bosonization techniques to inspect the role of the electron-electron interaction on the magneto-conductance. The parameters for these model calculations will be provided by the ab initio calculations based on density functional theory. The method is applied to ferromagnetic wires (Fe, Co, Ni) and to dilute semiconducting wires (ZnxCo1-xO).


Das Projekt ist Teil des Schwerpunktprogrammes 1165 "Nanodrähte und Nanoröhren - von kontrollierter Synthese zur Funktion"




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