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Analysis of the most important design parameters of the piston liner contact w.r.t the accoustic sensitivity
Dr.-Ing. Christian Daniel
The acoustic emissions of the combustion engine contribute a main part to the pass by noise of a passenger car, which is the main focus of associated NVH activities.
An adequate simulation model of a crank drive with piston liner contact will be developed. The main bearings and lower con-rod bearings will be modeled as HD-contact, which means hydrodynamic contact without local elasticity. The resulting Reynolds equation will be solved numerically in every step of time integration including all effects due to tilting etc. The crankshaft can be modeled with its global elasticity. The connection from the con-rod to the piston will be modeled using linear stiffness and damping. In later steps this connection can be modeled with the elasticity of the piston pin and hydrodynamic effects. The main focus of the developed model is the piston liner contact modeled as EHD contact, which includes hydrodynamic effects and local elastic deformations of the piston and the cylinder.
After the parameter variation, all variants will be analysed due to the vibration of the crank housing, bearing forces and hydrodynamic condition of the piston linear contact.

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