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A VR-UI for Virtual Planning and Training Applications over Large Distances
In this international ZIM project, the consortium wants to concentrate on the research and development of Virtual Reality User Interfaces (VR-UIs). The application focus will be on virtual planning and training applications in medicine. With the solution envisaged in this project, physicians are to be able to communicate over long distances (intercontinental between Germany and Canada), distributed and in groups of up to 5 users and exchange medical skills. From a technical point of view, the VR-exploration of medical case data (text, image and video data) and the annotation of the data in VR as well as the VR-selection and manipulation of the data should be in the foreground. Successful implementation requires an interdisciplinary consortium of UI experts (UCDplus GmbH, University of Waterloo) and medical VR software developers (Luxsonic Technologies Ltd., Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg).

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