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MSc Emmanuel Kwasi Addai

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Fakultät für Verfahrens- und Systemtechnik

Institut für Apparate- und Umwelttechnik

My research of interest is on fire and explosion prevention. I am currently working of explosion characteristics (safety related parameters) of multi-phase mixtures.some of the safety related parameters i consider are; (LOC, MIT, MIE, LEL, UEL, pmax, dp/dt)
the substances considered are; ( dust, solvent, gas and their combinations)

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  • 08/2002- 04/2005 (senior high school education) at Mim Senior High school
  • 11/2005-06/2007 (teacher) at Pentecost Preparatory School, Mim - Ghana,
  • 08/200-05/2011- (Bachelor of science Industrial Chemistry) at University of cape coast,  Cape coast-Ghana
  • 06/2008-08/2008 (internship) at Ghana Standard Board (Food Research Institute), Accra- Ghana:
  • 04/2009-05/2009 (internship) at Ghana Atomic Energy Commission,  Accra Ghana
  • 06/2009-08/2009 (internship) Tema Lube oil Company Limited, Tema -Ghana
  • 01/2010-03/2010 (internship)  SGS Ahafo-Newmont Ghana Gold Limited,  Kenyasi- Ghana
  • 03/2010-08/2010 (internship) at Newmont Ghana Gold Limited,   Kenyasi- Ghana
  • 06/2011-09/2012 (national service) at SGS Environmental consultancy, Tema -Ghana
  • 10/2012-09/2013 (MSc Quality, Safety and Environment)   at Otto-von Guericke University
  • 10/2013- Present (PhD student) at Otto-von Guericke University


  • Experimental Fire and Explosion Prevention
  • Explosion characteristic of multi-phase mixtures


  • Investgation of fire and explosion Hazard of substances (dust, solvent and gases)
  • Experimental fire and explosion prevention.
  • Explosion Characteristics of substances or multi-phase mixtures (MIT, MIE, LOC, Pmax, dp/dt, LEL, UFL ).
  • Determination of Minimum ignition temperature.
  • Determination of minimum Ignition Energies.
  • Determination of explosion severity of substances.
  • Occupational Health assessment (noise, dust and vibration monitoring)
  • Environmental and social impact assessment (baseline analysis)
  • Water Quality analysis, Stack emission monitoring


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