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Interdisciplinary Autumn School for Reproductive Sciences and related Research Fields
Interdisciplinary Autumn School for Reproductive Sciences and related Research Fields

18th to 21st October 2017
Magdeburg, Germany

Dr. Anne Schumacher
Prof. Ana Claudia Zenclussen
Scientific committee
Prof. Ana Claudia Zenclussen (University of Magdeburg), Dr. Anne Schumacher (University of Magdeburg), PD Dr. Florian Herse (Charité Berlin), Prof. Andrea Steinborn-Kröhl (University of Heidelberg)

Confirmed speakers
Prof. Dr. Gil Mor
Prof. Dr. Sarah Robertson
Prof. Dr. Peggy Petroff
Prof. Dr. Guillermina Girardi
Prof. Dr. Berthold Huppertz
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pollheimer
PD Dr. Robert Kammerer
Prof. Dr. Andrea Steinborn-Kröhl
Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Serban-Dan Costa
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kleinstein
Prof. Dr. Horacio Rodriguez
Dr. Gabriela Gutierrez
Research Program Highlights
Keynote lecture
Main sessions
         Trophoblast invasion and placental development
         Immune cell populations in pregnancy
         Immune regulatory molecules in pregnancy
         Autoimmunity and pregnancy
         Inflammation and pregnancy
         Human pregnancy complications
Poster party

Practical trainings

Social Program Highlights
Get together
Speed dating
Dinner party

Practical trainings
During the Autumn School we will teach young scientists two novel and relevant laboratory techniques that are used in reproductive sciences. Due to limited space the number of participants for each technique is limited to 10 places. Young scientists are therefore asked to make a decision for one of the two techniques on the registration form.
(A)  Visual demonstration of fetal development using ultrasound
We will teach how to display fetal developmental stages by using our newly acquired ultrasound system for small animals. The Vevo2100 Imaging System (Visual Sonics) is the first high-frequency, high-resolution digital imaging platform with linear array technology and Color Doppler Mode. This allows us to demonstrate fetal structures and to measure fetal blood flow in the uterine artery; enabling conclusions about normal pregnancy progression and the consequences of pregnancy complications.
(B)   Isolation of sperms and oocytes followed by in vitro fertilization
We will teach how sperms and oocytes can be isolated from mice. Sperms will be obtained from the epididymis of male mice. Structural and morphological characteristics of the sperms as well as their number and motility will be evaluated under a light microscope. Oocyte-Cumulus cell complexes will be obtained from the oviducts of hormone-treated female mice. The oocytes will be brought together with the sperms for in vitro fertilization.
Before the practical activities, we will give a theoretical introduction and provide the young scientists with all the required material. 

Deadline: 31. July 2017
Registration: www.exgyn.ovgu.de

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