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Workshop ESFRI Roadmap
EU - Sonstige
The objective of the workshop is to raise awareness of the scientific community about the next roadmap update in 2015-2016, and the associated landscape analysis of Research Infrastructures within their specific scientific fields.
In particular the workshop aims to:
- Present an overview of the Research Infrastructures Landscape within different scientific fields and show how ESFRI has analysed current gaps;
- Clarify submission and selection procedures for potential candidates to the Roadmap;
- provide a timetable and the pre-conditions and assessment process for setting-up proposals for the ESFRI roadmap and;
- increase the awareness on the role of ESFRI and the perspectives for the next Roadmap update;
- provide an overview of the roadmap update and the interface with Horizon 2020, and relevant national and European interfaces

The workshop is organised by CoPoRI2 , in close cooperation with ESFRI and the European Commission. It will take place on 25 September 2014 in the Hotel Savoia Excelsior Palace in Trieste, Italy.
The workshop will be accessible via live stream of CoPoRI Website: http://www.copori.eu/1392.php

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