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Supporting Member States in mainstreaming health promotion and disease prevention in health and educational settings
EU - Sonstige
This action aims to communicate the potential of health promotion and disease prevention and health determinants in the Member States and to increase the commitment of public authorities to this topic. A workshop (and a conference) to update knowledge and good practice will be organised, with the participation of the main medical faculties and the Chief Medical Officers of all Member States. The workshop will be preceded by the preparation of a report providing an overview of the current situation in the EU (this document will be updated after the workshop) and it will be followed by a conference.
Lifestyle determinants are behind most chronic diseases. They have a major impact on the health of European citizens - from before birth to old age -, on the burden on health systems, and on the productivity of our societies.
By encouraging universities, education regulators and professional associations to include the knowledge about (promotion of) healthy lifestyles throughout the lifespan as part of the curriculum, these subjects can be better mainstreamed in basic medical training, reaching all health professionals and becoming (more) practiced and accepted. This can be achieved during the studies to obtain a medical diploma or through courses, workshops or additional training after graduation.

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