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Smart maintenance and human capital
bis 01.01.2018
Europäische Kommission : Horizon 2020
In the future in many of the most important railway subsystems and components will implement Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) techniques and systems, expecting a reduction of maintenance costs and increase of components reliability and availability.
CBM is pushed by digitalisation, in particular more and more modules of modern vehicles provide diagnostic data that can be used for CBM without the installation of additional sensors and there is a growing possibility of gathering and processing huge volumes of various data. However, up to now there is very little knowledge concerning data analysis applied to the prediction of maintenance activities required to prevent component failures.
This topic aims at carrying out CBM research activities for the part related to passenger trains.
- Maintenance strategies, for faults prevention (i.e. early detection) and troubleshooting
- Asset Management strategies, for adapting and optimising maintenance activities to diverse clusters of similar assets.
The challenge of this action is to cover the future needs of the railway sector in terms of human capital focusing on customer-oriented design of mobility, with an overall objective to bridge the gap between the massive changes in the railway and other industrial sectors imposed by rapid technological advances (e.g. automation and digitization, comprehending the use of planning apps by customers on their own devices) and the substantial demographic change expected in the near future.

Another specific challenge is place the human rather than technology at the centre of the mobility design process ("human-centred design", "design thinking"). In particular, digitization and automation should have a good potential of improving and simplifying the customer experience in the use of the railway system.
DeadlineModel: single-stage
Deadline 30.03.2017; 17:00

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