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Secure Societies - Protecting Freedom and Security of Europe and its citizens
Europäische Kommission : Horizon 2020
Folgende Ausschreibungen enden am 27.08.2015:

FCT-01-2015: Forensics topic 1: Tools and infrastructure for the extraction, fusion, exchange and analysis of big data including cyber-offenses generated data for forensic investigation
FCT-02-2015: Forensic topic 2: Advanced easy to use in-situ forensic tools at the scene of crime
FCT-03-2015: Forensics topic 3: Mobile, remotely controlled technologies to examine a crime scene in case of an accident or a terrorist attack involving CBRNE materials
FCT-04-2015: Forensics topic 4: Internet Forensics to combat organized crime
FCT-06-2015: Law Enforcement capabilities 2: Detection and analysis of terrorist-related content on the Internet
FCT-09-2015: Law Enfocement capabilities topic 5: Identity Management
FCT-15-2015: Ethical/Societal Dimension Topic 3: Better understanding the role of new social media networks and their use for public security purposes
FCT-16-2015: Ethical/Societal Dimension Topic 4 - Investigating the role of social, psychological and economic aspects of the processes that lead to organized crime (including cyber related offenses), and terrorist networks and their impact on social cohesion

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BES-01-2015: Maritime Border Security topic 1: radar systems for the surveillance of coastal and pre-frontier areas and in support of search and rescue operations
BES-02-2015: Maritime Border Security topic 2: affordable and easily deployable technologies for EU coastal border surveillance with reduced impact on the environment
BES-03-2015: Maritime Border Security topic 3: Light optionally piloted vehicles (and sensors) for maritime surveillance
BES-04-2015: Maritime Border Security topic 4: Detection of low flying aircraft at near shore air space
BES-05-2015: Border crossing points topic 1: Novel mobility concepts for land border security
BES-06-2015: Border crossing points topic 2: Exploring new modalities in biometric-based border checks
BES-07-2015: Border crossing points topic 3: Optimization of border control processes and planning
BES-08-2015: Supply Chain Security topic 1: Development of an enhanced non-intrusive (stand-off) scanner
BES-10-2015: Information management topic 1: Civilian humanitarian mission personnel tracking
BES-11-2015: Information management topic 2: Information management, systems and infrastructure for civilian EU External Actions
BES-13-2015: Conflict prevention and peace building topic 2: Training curricula for Conflict Prevention and Peace Building personnel

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DRS-01-2015: Crisis management topic 1: potential of current and new measures and technologies to respond to extreme weather and climate events
DRS-03-2015: Crisis management topic 3: Demonstration activity on large scale disasters and crisis management and resilience of EU external assets against major identified threats or causes of crisis
DRS-06-2015: Crisis management topic 6: Addressing standardisation opportunities in support of increasing disaster resilience
DRS-09-2015: Disaster Resilience & Climate Change topic 1: Science and innovation for adaptation to climate change: from assessing costs, risks and opportunities to demonstration of options and practices
DRS-10-2015: Disaster Resilience & Climate Change topic 2: Natural Hazards: Towards risk reduction science and innovation plans at national and European level
DRS-11-2015: Disaster Resilience & Climate Change topic 3: Mitigating the impacts of climate change and natural hazards on cultural heritage sites, structures and artefacts
DRS-12-2015: Critical Infrastructure Protection topic 1: Critical Infrastructure "smart grid" protection and resilience under "smart meters" threats
DRS-13-2015: Critical Infrastructure Protection topic 2: Demonstration activity on tools for adapting building and infrastructure standards and design methodologies in vulnerable locations in the case of natural or man-originated catastrophes
DRS-14-2015: Critical Infrastructure Protection topic 3: Critical Infrastructure resilience indicator - analysis and development of methods for assessing resilience
DRS-15-2015: Critical Infrastructure Protection topic 4: Protecting potentially hazardous and sensitive sites/areas considering multi-sectorial dependencies
DRS-18-2015: Communication technologies and interoperability topic 1: interoperable next generation of broadband radio communication system for public safety and security
DRS-22-2015: Ethical/Societal Dimension topic 3: Impact of climate change in third countries on Europe's security

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