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bis 01.05.2015
Europäische Kommission : Horizon 2020
Änderungen der Topics und veränderte Abgabefirsten für das Arbeitsprogramm 2015:

-Buildings and consumers
EE-02-2015: Buildings design for new highly energy performing buildings
-Industry and products:
EE-18-2015: New technologies for utilization of heat recovery in large industrial systems, considering the whole energy cycle from heat production to transformation, delivery and end use

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Opening: 30.09.2014, Deadline: 04.02.2015 (Neu)

-Buildings and consumers
EE-06-2015: Demand response in blocks of buildings
EE-11-2015: New ICT-based solutions for energy efficiency
-Heating and cooling:
EE-13-2015: Technology for district heating and cooling

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Opening: 10.12.2014, Deadline: 04.06.2015 (Neu)

-Buildings and consumers:
EE-05-2015: Increasing energy performance of existing buildings through process and organisation innovations and creating a market for deep renovation
EE-07-2015: Enhancing the capacity of public authorities to plan and implement sustainable energy policies and measures
EE-09-2015: Empowering stakeholders to assist public authorities in the definition and implementation of sustainable energy policies and measures
EE-10-2015: Consumer engagement for sustainable energy
-Heating and cooling:
EE-14-2015: Removing market barriers to the uptake of efficient heating and cooling solutions
-Industry and products:
EE-15-2015: Ensuring effective implementation of EU product efficiency legislation
EE-16-2015: Organisational innovation to increase energy efficiency in industry
EE-17-2015: Driving energy innovation through large buyer groups
-Finance for sustainable energyEE-19-2015: Improving the financeability and attractiveness of sustainable energy investments
EE-21-2015: Development and market roll-out of innovative energy services and financial schemes for sustainable energy

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Opening: 10.12.2014, Deadline: 04.06.2014

-Renewable electricity and heating/cooling:
LCE-04-2015: Market uptake of existing and emerging renewable electricity, heating and cooling technologies
-Modernising the European electricity grid:
LCE-05-2015: Innovation and technologies for the deployment of meshed off-shore grids
LCE-06-2015: Transmission grid and wholesale market
-Providing the energy system with flexibility through enhanced energy storage technologies:
LCE-09-2015: Large scale energy storage
-Sustainable biofuels and alternative fuels for the European transport fuel mix:
LCE-14-2015: Market uptake of existing and emerging sustainable bioenergy
-Supporting the development of a European research area in the field of energy:
LCE-18-2015: Supporting Joint Actions on demonstration and validation of innovative energy solutions

LCE-23-2015: Supporting the community in deploying a common framework for measuring the energy and environmental efficiency of the ICT-sector (Neu)

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Opening: 10.12.2014, Deadline: 05.05.2015 (Neu)

LCE-13-2015: Partnering with Brazil on advanced biofuels (Gestrichen)

SCC-01-2015: Smart Cities and Communities solutions integrating energy, transport, ICT sectors through lighthouse (large scale demonstration - first of the kind) projects
-Enhancing the roll-out of Smart Cities and Communities solutions by stimulating the market demand:
SCC-03-2015: Development of system standards for smart cities and communities solutions

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Opening: 10.12.2014, Deadline: 05.05.2014 (Neu)

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