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The new European Framework Programme Horizon Europe for the period 2021-27 provides a budget of EUR 100bn. But how is it constructed and structured? Which opportunities does this programme for research and innvoation offer to research institutions, universities, researchers, enterprises, and even municipalities in Saxony-Anhalt? How can they all benefit from it?

The partners of the Initiative for Advising on European Programmes, consisting of EU Academic Network, Enterprise Europe Network, and EU Service Agency, as well as the city of Magdeburg, and the National Contact Points for small and medium-sized enterprises and life sciences invite you warmly to participate in this kick-off event on Horizon Europe.

You will find detailed information about the event on the webpages of the partners shortly.

Your contact persons for the event are:
EU Academic Network - office North: Ramona Grzeschik (Ramona.Grzeschik@ovgu.de)
EU Academic Network - office South: Sabine Pabst (Sabine.Pabst@verwaltung.uni-halle.de)
EU Service Agency: Sabine Eling-Saalmann (sabine.eling-saalmann@ib-lsa.de)
Enterprise Europe Network: Sven Erichson (erichson@magdeburg.ihk.de)

We would be very glad if you reserved the date
12/13 November 2020 in your calendar.