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Rhizosphere Spatiotemporal Organisation - a Key to Rhizosphere Functions
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
The Senate of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) has established a new Priority Programme entitled "Rhizosphere Spatiotemporal Organisation - a Key to Rhizosphere Functions" (SPP 2089). The programme is designed to run for six years. The present call invites proposals for the first three-year funding period.

This Priority Programme aims at the identification of spatiotemporal patterns in the rhizosphere and at the explanation of the underlying mechanisms. The key concept of the programme consists of approaching the rhizosphere as a self-organised system. Self-organisation arises from a cascade of feedback loops between root, microbiome and soil. Emerging patterns in the rhizosphere cannot be understood from studying the components in isolation. This call invites proposals from appropriate disciplines such as rhizosphere research, soil chemistry, plant genomics and physiology, soil microbiology, soil physics, exudate analysis, image/pattern analysis and modelling.

Proposals for the first three-year period must be written in English and follow the guidelines in DFG form 54.01en (Proposal Preparation Instructions). Please adhere the rules for publication lists (form 1.91en). Further information on e.g. eligibility requirements can be found in DFG form 50.05en, part B. Proposals must be submitted via the DFG's electronic proposal submission system "elan" by 3 November 2017.

Details of the research concept of the programme, the focal topics and the CPE's will be presented at an organisational meeting on the 19 June 2017 in Leipzig. Participation is only possible upon prior registration (Deadline 31 May 2017).

Contact person:
Prof. Dr. Doris Vetterlein, Helmholtzzentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, doris.vetterlein@ufz.de
Dr. Patricia Schmitz-Möller, DFG, 53170 Bonn, Tel. +49 228885-2797, patricia.schmitz-moeller@dfg.de

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