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Priority Programme ,,Integrated TERahErtz sySTems Enabling Novel Functionality (INTEREST)" (SPP 2314)
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
The Priority Programme visions to establish a well-defined terahertz community by following a holistic "integration" approach in a dedicated coordinated initiative. The theme "Integrated Tera-hertz Systems" will enable unseen functionalities and applications in the field of terahertz science and applications. It fosters interdisciplinary science by leveraging the best of what historically have been isolated scientific disciplines. It is expected that the novel integrated terahertz systems researched within the frame of INTEREST will melt down the boundaries between different scientific disciplines and enable orders of magnitude better performance.

Following are the research areas, not limited, including few project ideas encompassing from basic research to specific applications, where the theme "integration" is expected to impact maximally.
Area 1: novel physical phenomena, technologies, and devices enabling integrated terahertz systems with few examples such as:
o heterointegration of III-V with BiCMOS
o integration of novel materials or material systems (graphene, spintronics, etc.)
o novel scalable integrated THz arrays

Area 2: novel multi-functional integrated systems with few examples such as:
o novel THz system partitions and integrated radio transceivers
o integrated broadband laser-induced THz generation in silicon technologies
o complete electronic and photonic integration of THz measurement systems on a chip level

Area 3: novel terahertz science and applications based on integrated terahertz systems with few examples such as:
o integrated THz systems for biomedical applications
o integrated THz systems for space applications
o integrated THz systems for communications

The DFG and the United Kingdom's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) encourage collaborations between researchers based in Germany and the UK.

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