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Polish-German Research Projects: Beethoven
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
DFG-NCN 2019
In order to strengthen international academic cooperation, and with a desire to fund high-quality scientific research within their own countries and an awareness that some of the best research can be delivered by working with the best researchers internationally, the Polish National Science Centre (NCN) and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) are announcing the third call for proposals within the joint funding scheme "Beethoven".
The initiative's aims are to provide funding for integrated Polish-German research projects of outstanding scientific quality. It was launched in 2014 and expanded to include additional disciplines in 2016.
The "Beethoven CLASSIC 3" call, as a continuation of "Beethoven 2", is open to research projects in the humanities, social sciences, chemistry, mathematics, physics (including astronomy) and materials sciences.
With "Beethoven LIFE 1" joint Polish-German research projects in the life sciences will be accepted for the first time.
For more detailed information on both calls please refer to the links below.
The deadline for the submission of proposals in the "Beethoven CLASSIC 3" and "Beethoven LIFE 1" call is 17 December 2018 (DFG and NCN).

For inquiries regarding proposals in the humanities and social sciences please contact:
o Dr. Tanja Kollei, phone +49 228 885-2321, Link auf E-Mailtanja.kollei@dfg.de
For inquiries regarding proposals in chemistry, mathematics, physics and materials sciences please contact:
o Dr. Ilka Paulus, phone +49 228 885-2021, Link auf E-Maililka.paulus@dfg.de

For inquiries regarding proposals in the life sciences please contact:
o Dr. Katharina Hartmann, phone +49 228 885-2342, Link auf E-Mailk.hartmann@dfg.de

For administrative inquiries please contact:
"Beethoven CLASSIC 3"
o Michael Sommerhof, phone +49 228 885-2017, Link auf E-Mailmichael.sommerhof@dfg.de

"Beethoven LIFE 1"
o Jennifer Seemann, phone +49 228 885-2715, Link auf E-Mailjennifer.seemann@dfg.de

For general information on cooperation with Poland please contact:
o Dr. Annina Lottermann, phone +49 228 885-2802, Link auf E-Mailannina.lottermann@dfg.de

Further information: