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26th IraSME call for proposals for transnational R&D projects
AiF e.V.   Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen "Otto von Guericke" e.V.
ZIM-Kooperationsprojekte im Rahmen von IraSME:

This call is targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and research and technology organisations (RTOs) which jointly conduct international research, technology, development and innovation (RTDI) projects.
Projects must be innovative and must aim at either developing new or to significantly improve existing products, processes or technical services that in their parameters exceed the existing state of the art. All projects must have significant technical risks. The outcome of the project must be concrete and demonstrate real market potential. Without public funding, eligible projects can a) not be carried out at all, b) only be carried out in a reduced form, or c) be carried out only with significant delay.

What we fund:
- Development of new products, processes or technical services.
- Technical development from the first idea to a possible prototype.
- R&D with significant technical risks for each funded partner.
- Minimum constellation: 2 companies from 2 participating countries/regions.

The participating countries / regions in this call are Alberta (Canada), Brazil, Czech Republic, Flanders (Belgium), Germany, Luxembourg, Russia, Turkey, Wallonia (Belgium)

Further Information: