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Innovation uptake and digitalisation in the tourism sector (COS-TOURINN-2020-3-04)
Europäische Kommission: COSME
This action is to support the digital transformation of tourism entrepreneurs, particularly SMEs and start-ups, and boost innovation along the tourism value chain through the integration of tourism businesses and stakeholders in transnational and inter-regional innovation ecosystems as well as territorial partnerships and cooperation.
The action will provide support to tourism SMEs and start-ups through among others, capacity building, training, coaching, technical assistance, prototyping, business matchmaking, financial advice, awareness raising.

Expected results include:
1. enhanced transnational cooperation between existing and newly created technology and innovation providers in support of tourism businesses;
2. enhanced competitiveness of tourism SMEs through better uptake of innovation and digitalisation;
3. new business models in tourism building on digitalisation and new technologies (i.a. artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, open and big data);
4. enhanced cooperation along the tourism value chain for innovation;
5. smarter use of available financial support for digitalisation and innovation by tourism SMEs resulting in enhanced investment and innovative power.

Qualitative and quantitative indicators for the action:
o Number of countries participating in transnational cooperation projects;
o Number of SMEs directly supported in transnational cooperation projects;
o Number and sub-sectorial coverage of companies directly supported in transnational cooperation projects;
o The variety of support actions organised.

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