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ICT- Value Chain Oriented and Interdisciplinary Technology Transfer Experiments, 1st call
TETRAMAX aims at fast-track innovation in various ICT based application domains with European leadership and strategic importance, such as: automotive electronics, cloud computing, communication technologies, cybersecurity, HW/SW codesign, low-energy computing, and medical and health applications, etc. A high variety of domains for TTX please look at the Guide for Applicants (page 12).
Three or more partners (in case a multidisciplinary collaboration is needed) from at least two different EU member states or associated countries; partners must be legal entities, such as universities, research organisations, SMEs and midcaps, or other companies. This TTX activity brings together:
o One partner (A) providing a particular novel CLEC hardware or software technology from research; up to three further auxiliary partners (from academia or industry) may be included in the consortium in case an interdisciplinary cooperation is required for a successful TTX.
o One "Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner" (B) testing and deploying the technology in its dedicated, possibly even non-tech, products with its end customers.
o Another partner (C) aiming at productizing this technology as a "platform" in the long-term for a wider market.
Duration: 12-18 month
Further information: