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High precision & speed processing with ultra-short (sub-ns) pulse lasers (APPOLO)
EU - Sonstige
The project APPOLO, currently active in the Seventh Framework programme, launches an Open Call for assessment experiments with new laser processing equipment for emerging manufacturing technologies based on ultra-short pulse (sub-ns). The about two year running experiments aim at validation of the technologies needed for large and global markets. The equipment should be tested for the selected technological process in close-to industrial environment using the assessment service of laser application laboratories around Europe joined to APPOLO HUB. Validation will be performed in close collaboration between equipment supplier, end-user and an application laboratory connected to the APPOLO HUB. The new laser assessment experiments should provide business relevant technical investigations and demonstrate applicability of the new equipment for industrial applications.
Approximate 6 proposals will be selected for funding in this competitive call, including at least two new partners per proposal from equipment supply (preferable SME) and end-user sides with clear exploitation plans and one existing partner from APPOLO HUB in order to perform the equipment/technology assessment. Please note that the Seventh Framework programme offers part-funding not full-funding of research activities.
As main goal of the Open call is to increase overall impact of the APPOLO project by adding new application and end-users, overlapping with running assessment value chains in terms of type of new equipment and applications will be scored as a weakness of the proposal.
Topics of the call include, but not limited to:
Laser based micro-processing of thin films and material surfaces with plane and curved topography for materials etching, modification and deposition

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