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3rd Health Programm
bis 30.11.2015
EU - Sonstige
The programme has 4 overarching objectives. It seeks to:
1. Promote health, prevent diseases and foster supportive environments for healthy lifestyles taking into account the 'health in all policies' principle,
2. Protect Union citizens from serious cross-border health threats,
3. Contribute to innovative, efficient and sustainable health systems,
4. Facilitate access to better and safer healthcare for Union citizens.
The third EU health programme is the main instrument the European Commission uses to implement the EU health strategy . It is implemented by means of annual work plans which set out priority areas and the criteria for funding actions under the programme. The total budget for the programme is ¤ 449.4 million.

o PJ-01-2015: Gathering knowledge and exchanging best practices on measures reducing availability of alcoholic beverages
o PJ-02-2015: Early diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis
o PJ-03-2015: Early diagnosis of tuberculosis
o PJ-04-2015: Support for the implementation and scaling up of good practices in the areas of integrated care, frailty prevention, adherence to medical plans and age-friendly communities
o PJ-05-2015: Common assessment methodology on quality, safety and efficacy of transplantation therapies
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