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Green airports and ports as multimodal hubs for sustainable and smart mobility, ID: LC-GD-5-1-2020
A clear commitment of the European Green Deal is that "transport should become drastically less polluting", highlighting in particular the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in aviation and waterborne transport. In aviation, traffic volumes are expected to increase significantly by 2050 and the sector is already generating 14% of the EU GHG emissions from transport. At the same time, waterborne transport accounts for approximately 90% of global trade and 13% of EU transport GHG emissions, while also experiencing continuous growth. In this context, airports, maritime and inland ports play a major role, both as inter-connection points in the respective transport networks, but also as major multimodal nodes, logistics hubs and commercial sites, linking with other transport modes, hinterland connections and integrated with cities. As such, green airports and ports, as multimodal hubs in the post COVID-19 era for sustainable and smart mobility have a great potential to immediately contribute to start driving the transition towards GHG-neutral aviation, shipping and wider multimodal mobility already by 2025. This topic therefore addresses innovative concepts and solutions for airports and ports, in order to urgently reduce transport GHG emissions and increase their contribution to mitigating climate change.

Building on best practices (technological, non-technological and social), as well as ongoing projects and planned initiatives in European airports and ports, actions should address the activities EITHER under area
A) Green Airports
Actions should perform large-scale, real-life high TRL (6 or above) demonstrations of green airports, addressing all of the following four headings, collectively describing the various airport aspects to be considered: 1) Transport, 2) Terminal, 3) Energy and 4) Cross-cutting aspects.

OR under area
B) Green Ports.

Proposals should clearly indicate which area they are covering.

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