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German-Mexican Collaboration
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) and the Mexican National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) announce a call for proposals to fund joint German-Mexican research projects in the following areas:
- Geosciences
- Social Sciences and Humanities
- Chemistry
- Biology
- Physics

Proposals will be accepted for joint collaborative research projects of up to three years. Researchers must comply with the funding and eligibility requirements as stipulated by their respective funding organisation (please follow the links below). German and Mexican researchers must submit their proposals to CONACYT and DFG, respectively, by 15 September 2016. German partners must submit their proposals within the DFG's funding scheme "Sachbeihilfe/Research Grants", and Mexican partners must submit their proposals at CONACYT "Convocatorias del Fondo de Cooperación Internacional en Ciencia y Tecnología".

The scientific level of the projects should be high in international comparison. Although the scientific quality of the proposals is the decisive criterion, joint projects must also demonstrate a clear added value to the applicants' cooperation beyond what could be achieved individually. The joint proposal shall be written in English and shall contain an abstract, the scientific description, the goals and tasks of the participating scientists from both countries as well as the justification of the requested cost items in compliance with the guidelines outlined in DFG form 50.01 for German proposals.

German researchers from non-university research institutions who have to fulfil the duty to cooperate may only submit proposals together with a partner from a German university. Your duty to cooperate is not considered as fulfilled if you only cooperate with a Mexican university partner.

Contact information at DFG:
For call administration:
Bettina Schilling,DFG, Department Scientific Affairs, Coordination of International Research Funding Activities, phone +49 228 885-2715, bettina.schilling@dfg.de
For general questions with regard to the German-Mexican cooperation (German side):
Marina Hesse, DFG, International Cooperation with Latin America, phone +49 228 885-2585, mari-na.hesse@dfg.de
For general questions with regard to the German-Mexican cooperation (Mexican side):
Dr. Kathrin Winkler, DFG Office Latin America, phone: +55 11 51898308, kathrin.winkler@dfg.de

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