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Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy
bis 01.05.2015
Europäische Kommission : Horizon 2020
Änderungen der Topics und veränderte Abgabefirsten für das Arbeitsprogramm 2015:

Sustainable Food Security
-Sustainable food production systems:
SFS-01c-2015: Assessing sustainability of terrestrial livestock production
SFS-02b-2015: Assessing soil-improving cropping systems
SFS-05-2015: Strategies for crop productivity, stability and quality
SFS-07b-2015: Management and sustainable use of genetic resources
SFS-10b-2015: Scientific basis and tools for preventing and mitigating farmed mollusc diseases
SFS-11b-2015: Consolidating the environmental sustainability of European aquaculture
-Safe food and healthy diets and sustainable consumption:
SFS-13-2015: Biological contamination of crops and the food chain
SFS-16-2015: Tackling malnutrition in the elderly
-Global drivers of food security:
SFS-18-2015: Small farms but global markets: the role of small and familiy farms in food and nutrition security
SFS-20-2015: Sustainable food chains through public policies: the cases of the EU quality policy and of public sector food procurement

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Opening: 25.07.2014, Deadline: 03.02.2015 (1. Stufe Neu) 11.06.2015 (2. Stufe)

Blue Growth:
-Sustainably exploiting the diversity of marine life:
BG-01-2015: Improving the preservation and sustainable exploitation of Atlantic marine ecosystems
BG-02-2015: Forecasting and anticipating effects of climate change on fisheries and aquaculture
-New offshore challenges:
BG-07-2015: Response capacities to oil spills and marine pollutions

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Opning: 25.07.2014, Deadline: 03.02.2015 (1. Stufe Neu) 11.06.2015 (2. Stufe)

Innovative, Sustainable and Inclusive Bioeconomy:
-Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry:
ISIB-03-2015: Unlocking the growth potential of rural areas through enhanced governance and social innovation
ISIB-04b-2015: Improved forest management models
-Sustainable and competitive bio-based industries:
ISIB-06-2015: Converting CO2 into chemicals

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Opening: 25.07.2014, Deadline: 03.02.2015 (1. Stufe Neu) 11.06.2015 (2. Stufe)

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