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Co-financing of public procurement of innovation consortia (PPI-01-2020)
Europäische Kommission: COSME
This action is to provide an impulse to the purchase of innovative solutions in the Union and spreading of good procurement practices with a growing number of buyers. The dissemination of information on how to procure innovation or the lessons learnt in the process was very broad. The key requirements of the call enabling this achievement should be the setting up of a dedicated website and the participation in specific fora of public buyers.

Qualitative and quantitative indicators for the action:
o Number of companies involved in the joint market consultation(s) carried out;
o Number of buyers involved in a joint commitment to purchase;
o Number of joint specifications developed;
o Number of suppliers involved in the procurement (at consultation stage, at award stage, etc.) and out of which proportion of SMEs;
o Number of countries of suppliers involved in the procurement at the different stages;
o Direct procurement amount;
o Indirect procurement amount (after the end of the action, but still linked to the action);
o Contribution of procured solutions to the public policy objectives, to be measured by indicators proposed by the applicant and validated by EASME and the Commission.
o Relevant sustainability indicator(s) (depending on the nature of the innovation e.g. CO2 emissions).

The co-financing would cover the following phases of PPI:
o Assessment of their needs by public buyers;
o Capacity Building and coordination between buyers (e.g. training, exchanges secondment of personnel);
o Market consultation (supporting the process of dialogue with potential contractors to assess the state-of-the-art and technological limitations for potential innovative solutions);
o Specification development (supporting contracting authorities to articulate their needs in a way that ensures the best response from potential contractors);
o Definition and implementation of award criteria;
o Co-financing of purchasing costs;
o Communication to the outside on the achievements of the projects.

Proposals may be submitted by any of the following applicants:
o non-profit organisations (private or public);
o public authorities (national, regional, local);
o universities or educational institutions24;
o research centres;
o profit making entities.

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