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Europäische Kommission : Horizon 2020
Folgende Ausschreibungen enden am 27.08.2015:
- FCH-01.1-2015: Low cost and durable PEMFCs for transport applications
- FCH-01.2-2015: Diagnostics and control for increased fuel cell system lifetime in automotive applications
- FCH-01.3-2015: Development of Industrialization-ready PEMFC systems and system components
- FCH-01.4-2015: Adaptation of existing fuel cell components and systems from road to non-road applications
- FCH-01.5-2015: Develop technologies for achieving competitive solutions for APU transport applications based on existing technology
- FCH-02.1-2015: Improved electrolysis for Off-grid Hydrogen production
- FCH-02.2-2015: Improved electrolysis for Distributed Hydrogen production
- FCH-02.3-2015: Development of co-electrolysis using CO2 and water
- FCH-02.4-2015: Proof-of-concept of HT electrolysers at a scale > 70 kW
- FCH-02.5-2015: Development of technology to separate hydrogen from low-concentration hydrogen streams
- FCH-02.6-2015: Development of cost effective manufacturing technologies for key components or fuel cell systems
- FCH-02.7-2015: MW or multi-MW demonstration of stationary fuel cells
- FCH-02.8-2015: Sub-MW demonstration of stationary fuel cells fuelled with biogas from biowaste treatment
- FCH-02.9-2015: Large scale demonstration of µCHP fuel cells
- FCH-03.1-2015: Large scale demonstration of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations and FCEV road vehicles - including buses and on site electrolysis
- FCH-03.2-2015: Hydrogen territories
- FCH-03.3-2015: Hydrogen delivery with high capacity compressed gas trailer
- FCH-04.1-2015: Recycling and Dismantling Strategies for FCH Technologies
- FCH-04.2-2015: Novel Education and Training Tools
- FCH-04.3-2015: Best practices guidelines on safety issues relating to current and emerging FCH Technologies

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