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European Green Deal: Consultation to Content
The Green Deal call will mobilise research and innovation to foster a just and sustainable societal transition aiming at 'leaving nobody behind'.
Projects are expected to deliver tangible and visible results relatively quickly and show how research and innovation can provide concrete solutions for the Green Deal main priorities.

This is why the call will support
o pilot applications, demonstration projects and innovative products
o innovation for better governance of the green and digital transition
o social and value chain innovation

In addition to technological development and demonstration, the call encourages experimentation and social innovation for new ways to engage civil society and empower citizens.
In relation to the current pandemic, the call will contribute to the green and digital recovery and to increasing societal resilience for example in agriculture, biodiversity acceleration of renewables, clean transport and modernisation towards a clean and circular industry.

The Green Deal call is composed of 11 areas
o eight thematic areas reflect the eight key work streams of the European Green Deal. In each area, one or more topics addresses the challenges outlined in the respective European Green Deal stream. Topics target specific, high-impact technological and societal innovations that can help advance the sustainable transition relatively quickly.

o three horizontal areas (strengthening knowledge; empowering citizens; and international cooperation) that cut across the eight thematic areas and offer a longer-term perspective in achieving the transformations set out in the European Green Deal.

You can help shape the call by taking part in the surveys for each area
o Call area 1: Increasing climate ambition: cross-sectoral challenges
o Call area 2: Clean, affordable and secure energy
o Call area 3: Industry for a clean and circular economy
o Call area 4: Energy and resource-efficient buildings
o Call area 5: Sustainable and smart mobility
o Call area 6: Farm to Fork
o Call area 7: Restoring biodiversity and ecosystem services
o Call area 8: Zero-pollution, toxic-free environment
o Call area 9: Strengthening our knowledge in support of the European Green Deal
o Call area 10: Empowering citizens for transition towards a climate neutral, sustainable Europe
o Call area 11: Accelerating the clean energy transition and access in partnership with Africa

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