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Errin Brokerage Events
EU - Sonstige
ERRIN and its Working Groups are currently in the phase of organising several brokerage events from 24th to 28th November. Please note that some of the brokerage events will take place on the same day but we are making sure that there will be no overlaps in topics.
The IDEA is to organise a Week of matchmaking services and opportunities for ALL our Members.
ERRIN Network is proud of advertising this huge organisational effort we are doing together with our Woking Groups Leaders to always improve services and assistance for our Members.
Confirmed brokerage events are the following:
Monday 24th November - Energy Brokerage Event
Tuesday 25th November - Health and Transport brokerage events
Wednesday 26th November - Water brokerage event (first day)
Thursday 27th November - Water (second day) and Nanotech-Advanced Materials brokerage events
Friday 28th November - ICT and BioEconomy brokerage Events.
Please note that REGISTRATIONS are still CLOSED but dates are CONFIRMED and you can already start organisng your trip to Brussels!
Each Brokerage Event will be differently organised according to the needs of Regional Stakeholders and priorities of each Work Programme.
Experts from European Commission and other relevant Organisations are going to be invited as Speakers in order to provide new relevant information. Synergies between Stakeholders from public and private sectors will be well promoted during each Brokerage Event.

Further Information: