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ERA-Net Smart Grid Plus, 3rd Joint Call for Transnational RDD Projects
bis 01.02.2018
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ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus will promote piloting and demonstration in the field of smart grids. Projects shall develop technologies, systems and solutions that make it possible for energy systems to supply, host and utilize up to 100% renewable energy. This includes solutions within new local energy communities as well as through the integration of various regional and local energy systems into a larger pan-European energy system. Focus will be given to validation, scale-up and replication. The three research layers of Stakeholder/Adoption, Marketplace and Technology (see section 3.1) should be an integrated part of this focus. The aim is to push solutions to meet Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs, see definitions in Annex C) 5-6 to TRLs 6-7.

The main challenges are:
1. Enabling an increased flexibility of the power system to cope with the growing share of intermittent, variable and decentralised renewable generation and managing the complex interactions between large energy stakeholders and local/regional energy stakeholders.

2. Increasing network capacity to support increased generation and transmision
resulting from renewables and to strengthen the internal energy market.

3. Providing information, services, market architectures and privacy guarantees to support open markets for energy products and services, whilst facilitating the active participation of customers.

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