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ERA-NET Bioenergy: "Development and improvement of biomass conversion technologies for the provisioning of heat for industrial processes"
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In this joint call, ERA-NET Bioenergy aims to fund innovative, transnational research, development and innovation (R&D&I) projects in the field of bioenergy. Funding will be offered to excellent proposals that provide clear added value through cooperation of partners in at least two (preferably more) participating countries. Novelty beyond the state of the art in the bioenergy value chain addressed must be significant, and evidence of exploitation potential must be provided (e.g. by way of tangible industry commitment). Public funding is available for this joint call from funding bodies in Austria, Germany, Poland and Switzerland.

The call "Development and improvement of biomass conversion technologies for the provisioning of heat for industrial processes" aims to support innovative, collaborative panEuropean, R&D&I projects contributing to a sustainable provision of bioenergy heat.
1. Development of technically and economically feasible new decarbonisation technologies for the provision of heat based on agricultural and/or forestry biomass. The solutions shall be mainly based on agricultural and/or forestry biomass including residues, but could also utilize other biogenic energy carriers.
2. Adaption and/or modification of existing technical solutions for the production of heat based on agricultural and/or forestry biomass for industrial processes. Such projects shall encompass significant R&D work.

An economical assessment of the envisioned solutions must be integrated into each project.
Ideally, solutions should enable full or improved usage of biomass feedstock. They should focus on residues, by-products and other forms of feedstock that minimise competition with food production and contribute to a circular economy.

All proposals must be put in context of the political/legal framework, available biomass raw materials, and techno-economic as well as socio-economic market situation in the countries in which the project work will be carried out.

CONTACT PERSON Germany (orga.): Boris Vashev +49-3843-6930-162; b.vashev@fnr.de
CONTACT PERSON Germany (scient.): Christian Weiser +49-3843-6930-252; c.weiser@fnr.de

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