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ERA-MBT - First transnational call for research projects within ERA-MarineBiotech
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This document announces the first transnational joint call for research projects within the framework of the Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET (ERA-MarineBiotech), which aims to coordinate European funding for marine biotechnology research, development and innovation. The main purpose of the call is to stimulate joint European research and development activities in marine biotechnology. Collaborative projects should include researchers from the academic and the industrial sector. Funding will be granted for a maximum of three years according to national regulations. Submissions of proposals will be in two steps: a pre-proposal step with submission deadline by December 10, 2014, and a full proposal step for invited consortia with submission deadline by April 30, 2015. Projects are expected to start at the end of 2015 / beginning of 2016.
The focus of the call reflects the fact that marine biomass is largely untapped, and many marine organisms are not well characterised. Through the application of biotechnological knowledge and principles, new and sustainable exploitation of marine biomass will be achieved, leading to the production of a large number of different products and novel processes.
The aim of this call is to bring together basic, applied, technology and market driven research approaches to enhance and develop efficient and sustainable biorefinery processes for marine bioresources. Transnational research consortia from academia, research institutes and industry are invited to submit proposals that develop new and/or improved biotechnological knowledge, tools and methods for the sustainable processing of marine biomass into a variety of bio-based products and/or services. This is best achieved through integrated biorefinery processes ideally utilising all molecular fractions present in the relevant biomass.

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