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EIC Scalator Pilot ID: EIC-EICScalatorPilot-2020
Only 5% of European start-ups scale-up and pursue the position of world tech leaders. As high growth companies are the ones largely responsible for job creation and economic benefit, this is a missed opportunity. These growth barriers are even higher for truly high-risk deep tech innovators, the main target of EIC instruments. Considering the high-tech characteristics of the EIC beneficiaries, which have a longer time to market than digital start-ups, access to a broader pan-European enterprise market is a key factor to succeed. Following their initial funding rounds provided by the Pathfinder and the Accelerator instrument (seed- and series A funding rounds), the EIC Scalator will focus on beneficiaries which are ready for funding rounds above EUR 50 million.

This EIC Scalator Pilot aims at accelerating investments and partnerships among the most mature EIC beneficiaries and create European deep-tech success stories (sustainable global deep-tech leaders) by connecting relevant EIC beneficiaries to corporates (private buyers, Mergers and Acquisition, Corporate Venture Capital), to investors that provide strong networks and late stage investment (equity or venture debt), to international markets, and to stock exchanges.

The EIC Scalator Pilot will provide support to up to 30 EIC beneficiaries that comply with the relevant selection criteria, such as: annual growth potential circa 50 - 100%; validated, repeatable, scalable business model; significant revenue traction; driven by deep-tech innovation that disrupts existing market(s); having the ambition to expand in new markets (geographical/sectoral); potential to expand internationally (ratio of foreign customers, revenue from international markets, number of markets outside domestic market); and commercially self-sufficient.

The call is open to any legal entity (including natural persons) or group of legal entities established in an EU Member State or in a country associated to Horizon 2020.

Expected Impact:
The selected entity or consortium should be able to generate a well-tested model for scaling services to foster substantial growth of deep-tech innovators that will increase their number and value of commercial deals, investments deals and initial public offerings (IPOs)/acquisitions. It should also support the selected EIC beneficiaries in their growth phase to become sustainable global deep-tech leaders. For this, the selected entity or consortium should enable:

o Networking successful founders/CEOs, multinationals, lead users, providers of technological infrastructure, etc.
o Regional and international access to private and public innovation partners.
o Attraction of (foreign) capital and improved matchmaking services, access to production facilities and equipment.
o Personalised advice and coaching on fundamental growth barriers such as culture, talent, international expansion, and financing.
o Exposure and positioning of benefiting enterprises as successful, fast-growing and sustainable European tech leaders.

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